Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Articles Worth Reading

My dear gentle readers,

This blog has mostly been a sharing of my own thoughts on topics within the BDSM lifestyle, but I also am a voracious reader of the thoughts of others. I think that these particular blog entries have been very interesting and well-spoken lately, and felt that I should direct your attention to these. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.


No Room for Jealousy

Temptation gives us her views on the place of jealousy in the BDSM lifestyle in a well-considered article.

Thoughts on Dominance

Lady Myles tells us about her observations on different types of dominants, which I also thought was well-spoken and certainly worth taking the time to read.

Domming by the Numbers

Orchidea discusses her thoughts on whether or not a dom can be trained, and whether it's worth the effort to even try. I found it to be thought-provoking, and I bet you will too.

The Mind Clit

Bliatz, one of our online geniuses (genii?), discusses the need for emotional and psychological dominance. She's a bright bulb, and writes very well in communicating her thoughts and desires. This essay re-inspired my short-story, Glass, which has seemed to have generated a good deal of interest. I guess I owe Bliatz a thank-you for her inspiration, and so thank you, Bliatz, for helping to breathe life into a tale left too-long dormant.


Maculate Deviant shares with us a few thoughts about polyamory and her place in a polyamorous relationship. She's likewise a bright bulb, y'all, and worth taking the few minutes to read.

Tips and Revelations

What can I say about Neko, other than bravo! He gives us a very well-written line of thought on sharing desires with one's partner, and introducing that partner to the BDSM lifestyle, with a number of suggested options for opening that door to the significant other.

Roots and Essence

I only recently discovered this blog, and I thought this was a good article from John, who ponders his thoughts on what is for him the essence of the BDSM lifestyle. He's also wild about his submissive, L, which I personally think is heartwarming.

I certainly hope you take the time to read and enjoy these essays. Leave 'em some comments too, because I can say on my own behalf that I think that sort of thing encourages me to write more, and I wouldn't bet against the same effect on these fine folks too.

Vaya con Dios,